SOLOMON* is the title of a graphic novel project in progress. The comic will be a collection of scenarios about people and their sexual fantasies trying to twist our pre-conceived ideas about sexuality.

"Easy old boy" is one out of a series of short comics taking place in the universe of Solomon*.

Each short comic will explore themes on of sexuality, sexual fantasies and questions of existence. 

The stories are set in the same city and follows different characters who all experiences how fantasies and reality merges and overlaps until they start loosing the grip of the life they so desperately tries to control.

Easy Old Boy is what happens between two strangers in a single glance when passing by each other. 

*According to the bible Solomon was a fabulously wealthy and wise king of Isreal from 970 to 931 BCE .He had 700 wifes and 300 concubines and is said to be one of the 48 prophets.